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When dogs become part of the family, the atmosphere of your home isn’t complete without their yips, barks and the sound of paws padding across the floor.

But with life’s demands being what they are, caring for your dog can be a bit of a balancing act. From feeding and drinking enough water to making sure they’re getting a good amount of exercise and being properly house trained - there are a mountain of things to worry about.

However, there's no need to fret, technology is rapidly advancing and gadgets aplenty are being created to cater for your furry-friend's every need, making things easier on you.

Here are five useful and innovative gadgets to make pet owners’ lives easier:

1. Furbo

Picture: Pinterest

Whether you’re on holiday or on a business trip, Furbo allows you to track the activities of your dog via a pet cam. Designed especially for dogs, the gadget was made with the input of vets and dog trainers to help train, comfort, and reward dogs when they're home alone. Furbo is also interactive, meaning pet owners can see, talk, and toss treats to their dogs from anywhere. The tower holds over 100 pieces of any rounded treats, the pet camera lets you dispense treats into the air. Play a game of fetch from anywhere. Available from www.thegadgetshop.co.za for R3499.

2. Dyson Groom

Picture: dyson.com.au

This sleekly designed pet grooming tool prevents the hassle of needing to clean a fur strewn room, the broom you used as well as yourself thereafter. The Dyson groom tool removes hair directly from your dog – before it’s shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum. Available for R980 from www.dyson.com.

3. Nite Ize Light Up Ball

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down with the Nite Ize Light Up Ball. Taking the game of “fetch” to the next level, the durable, slobber-proof, light up ball is bounce activated and will automatically turn off once your pooch has stopped playing. Available from www.fruugo.co.za for R399.

4. Chillax Cool Pad

Picture: Makro

With thick coats of fur, dogs can overheat pretty easily. When panting and a gulp of water won’t do the trick, this bed can really be of help. It diffuses heat by absorbing the heat produced by your pet when they lay on it, converting it to room temperature. Available on www.makro.co.za for R395.

5. WaterDog

Picture: bestcreativeideas.com

When life gets hectic, the risk of forgetting to set out fresh and clean drinking water for your dog is high. WaterDog works with a Sonar proximity sensor that automatically turns the water on when your dog is within 3 feet and off again when your dog walks away. The gadget can easily be installed onto any outdoor faucet so you never again have to worry about stagnant, unhealthy or empty water bowls. Visit bestcreativeideas.com for more information.