To avoid evaporation, keep outside drinking water in deep bowls and in a shady spot. Picture:

The drought has hit various parts of South Africa and has been declared a national state disaster. 

As a result, restrictions have been placed to ensure households are conserving as much water as possible and families need to devise plans to stay within water allocations, while accommodating their essential needs, and those of their pets.

Local pet food manufacturer Montego Pet Nutrition shares five tips on how you can take care of your furry friends, while saving water.

Cut down on bath time

Cutting down on baths and visits to the groomer can be made easier by using doggie dry shampoo between washes. Pet wipes can also be life-savers for ear cleaning, potty-training puppies and bearded breeds – to clean between facial folds and help prevent infection. Daily brushing also helps remove grime and oil build-up on the coat and skin.

Keep drinking water in the shade or indoors

To avoid evaporation, keep outside drinking water in deep bowls and in a shady spot. Another handy tip is to keep indoor bowls in areas that are not breezy, so dust and debris don’t get in. This limits having to change your pets water a few times a day.

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Early morning or evening walks

Walk your dog’s early in the morning or around sunset, when the air is cooler and the sun less harsh. The same applies to playtime - certain breeds tend to over-exert themselves to please their owners and ultimately work up a thirst.

Interchange between wet food and dry food

If you usually feed your pet only dry food think about alternating between wet and dry foods. Wet food can contain up to 80 percent more moisture than dry food, which can do a lot to keep your pet hydrated.

Be safe when capturing water

If you are catching rain water, grey water and water from your air-conditioning for use in your household, always ensure you keep pets away from the catchment containers. Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for parasite and water from your air-conditioner contains a plethora of unhealthy chemicals which could result in sick fur babies.

Whilst saving water is critical during these challenging times, it is equally important to make sure that your pets always has enough water to keep him/her healthy and happy. Pet owners need to provide clean, clear water daily that is easily accessible to pets.