Joanne Lefson, the founder of Oscars Arc, launches her new initiative, Project Woof. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - Everyone needs a place they can call home, including dogs.

Dog adoption organisation Oscars Arc has started a mobile dog adoption initiative called the Woof Project, which launches at the Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town, this weekend.

The aim of this initiative is to ensure that people adopt as many dogs as they can.

The Woof 1 is a container, which will be in Sea Point for two weekends.

The Woof Project will move around the CBD for the next two months. It promises to have a “name your price” adoption fee process.

The container has a solar panel and even plays music, which organisers say will change how people view dog shelters.

Potential adopters can visit the container to view dogs and adopt them if they see one they like.

People who wish to home a dog can complete an online application. Within 48 hours Woof 1 staff will arrange a house visit to see if the home is suitable.

“We have healthy, sterilised, amazing dogs that are easy to adopt. You can easily take your best friend home and give a dog a chance to be adopted,” said Joanne Lefson, founder and director of Oscars Arc.

The dogs are from Western Cape shelters. “Approximately 18000 dogs enter the shelters every year. Fewer than 2500 are given a home. Simply, for every 10 dogs that enter, only one will make it out alive.”

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