Rapper AKA. Picture: Instagram
Rapper AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA asks Twitter where he can find his new puppy a Louis Vuitton collar and the responses are anything but helpful

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Mar 31, 2021

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I’m sure when South African rapper AKA asked tweeps where he could find a designer dog collar for his new puppy, he wasn’t ready for some of the off-beat responses.

On Tuesday The Fela in Versace singer hopped onto his Twitter account to share the news about getting a new puppy.

The 33-year-old is known for his bold style and love for high-end designer brands.

So it’s no real surprise that he would want to accessorize his puppy with an extravagant dog collar and leash.

The rapper, who recently confirmed that he was officially off the market, thought tweeps would be able to help him find one.

He tweeted: “I just got a new puppy. Does anyone know where I can get a Louis Vuitton collar and leash?”

Instead of getting the response he was hoping for, in true Twitter style, the feedback was everything but useful.

In fact there were some that were completely off-side.

His follow up to that response was, “People are weird”

Hey that’s Twitter for you. There are some weird folk out there.

One follower had a cheeky response telling him to “Ask Bonang”.

While another hinted that he should try getting a knock-off at street vendors.

“Does anyone know where I can buy a Big Mac?” was another sarcastic response.

Folk really came at him for asking a question that has the most obvious response.

“Not sure but rumour has it they have a whole store where they sell only Louis Vuitton merch” said one person while another said, “I wanna say Louis Vuitton.”

Here are a few more hilarious responses.

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