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Seeing adorable pets on Instagram is what this generation of social media users lives for - that and avocado on toast.

From fierce felines to a rescued raccoon, this list contains some of Instagram’s most inspiring pets:

As seen on their Instagram account.

Sixteen year old Shih Tzu, Marnie was adopted from a shelter at age 11. The jetsetting pup has racked up 2.1 million followers on Instagram and has made a habit of appearing in celebrities selfies.

Unlike most famous pets, it isn’t a sleek coat of fur or an adorable waggly tail that makes her so popular. Instead, Marnie’s permanent head tilt to the left, a result of a brief case of vestibular disease, is what has captured the hearts of her followers.

Marnie’s account serves to inspire people to adopt older animals as they deserve loving homes too and are bound to make wonderful additions to people’s families .

As seen on their Instagram account.

Golden retriever, Harlow was trained to be a med alert and mobility service dog for her owner Jaquie’s invisible disabilities.

Through their adventures in daily life, chronicled on Instagram and Youtube, Jaquie aims to spread awareness on chronic illnesses and service dogs alike. “We strive to let other warriors know they are not alone in their battles while fostering a wider understanding of invisible disabilities in our community. Breaking stigmas, celebrating victories,” reads Jaquie's YouTube bio.

Harlow’s Instagram is dotted with charming snaps of family outings and adventures - be sure to read their captions as they’re loaded with interesting and educational tidbits and answers to frequently asked questions that serve to educate society on what service dogs do and how to act around them.

As seen on their Instagram account.

In 2014, a rather unusual bundle of fur fell out of a tree in Rosie Kemp's garden. It turned out to be a month-old raccoon cub with a broken back leg. Kemp kept a lookout, but when the raccoon’s mother didn’t return, she decided to raise her.

The cub was named Pumpkin, and looking after her became a fulltime job that Kemp and her daughter Laura Young took on.

Today, Pumpkin, who has fully recovered from her injuries, lives with Young and her two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo. In the Bahamas, where they reside, it’s legal to keep a raccoon as a pet so long as it's vaccinated. Pumpkin now herself as one of the dogs and enjoys bonding with them, lounging by the pool and being her curious self.

As seen on their Instagram account.

“Be different, be bold,” reads the Instagram bio of Venus, a half-black, half-ginger cat who appears to be split directly down the middle. Her striking features and two different coloured eyes, one green and the other blue, makes Venus stand out amongst the crowd.  

The insta-famous cat rose to stardom after a friend’s daughter posted her picture to social media. The post went viral, resulting in Venus making guest appearances on talk shows.

Owner, Christina says that Venus has had a remarkable effect on people because she inspires them by being so boldly unique. People with vitiligo, port-wine stain birthmarks and various other conditions that have made them targets for ridicule have sent through messages thanking Venus for helping them to embrace their differences.

The friendly feline can be seen on Instagram cosying up to other cats, sporting garish bowties and, mainly, offering viewers her magnificent gaze.

As seen on their Instagram account.

Juniper's Instagram details the story of her adoption and the shenanigans she often gets herself into. The bushy tailed fox has adjusted to life with Fig, a younger fox who was rescued from a fur farm

Her owner created their Instagram account to explain the reality of living and raising a domesticated fox, and she makes sure to answer her followers' questions.

With her mischievous grin, this bright eyed fox reminds us that there is always something to be smile about.