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Dog owners who use shampoos and deodorants on their pets are at risk of skin problems, experts have warned.

High street dog grooming products contain chemicals which can trigger rashes, irritation and eczema. The rules on harsh chemicals in human products do not apply to those for pets.

Experts looked at 62 shampoos, conditioners and detangling and deodorising sprays for dogs. They found more than half of ‘rinse-off’ products contained ingredients which are a significant known cause of allergies.

A quarter of ‘leave-on’ products also had the problem ingredients. Study leader Dr Lucy Howard, of Royal United Hospital in Bath, said: ‘Some ingredients have the potential to cause contact dermatitis, which can stop people from working if it is on their hands. It can have quite a significant impact.

‘Humans are going to come into contact with these chemicals because we are the ones washing our dogs. There needs to be better regulation.’ The study was presented at the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual meeting in Liverpool.

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