RUBY, the Zipper Nose Doberman is famous on TikTok.Picture: Instagram.
RUBY, the Zipper Nose Doberman is famous on TikTok.Picture: Instagram.

WATCH: 7 fun TikTok challenges to try with your dog

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 22, 2021

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TikTok is home to some of the most viral challenges on the internet where everyone seems to enjoy partaking.

Pets – specifically dogs – have also been getting in on the action, stealing the hearts of their online audience and spreading laughter across the app.

7 fun TikTok challenges to try with your dog:

Call your dog


Lol ##funny ##dog ##dogchallege ##bentley ##fyp

♬ original sound - Victoria Petersen

Ever tried calling your dog when they’re sitting right next to you? This hilarious trend has people tricking their dogs into thinking they can’t see them as their pooches look on confused, licking their owner’s face, leaping in front of them and barking to get their attention.

However, the funniest version of this trend is when the dogs runs off utterly confused to go and look for themselves.

Tell your pet a story


##fyp ##germanshepherd ##tellyourdogastory

♬ original sound - KoeHuck

Fetch, walkies, treat, beach … There are certain words that tend to pique our dogs’ interest a little more than others. With that knowledge, a TikTok user came up with one of the most adorable trends to make the rounds on the internet.

From wags to ear perks, head tilts and slobbery bouts of pure bouncing joy, whenever their owners used one of their favourite words in their story, their precious pets would have the best responses.

My Boo


His favorite activity ##myboo ##startedwhenwewereyounger

♬ original sound - syd

We all know the 2004 hit song My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys. Well, it’s recently been rediscovered by TikTok who are getting rather creative with making the most adorable content using it.

As the lyrics “It started when we were younger “ play in the background, people have been filming their pets as they do something, like sleep in their favourite spot or playing with their favourite toy. It then transitions to their pets doing the exact same thing but as a puppy just to pull on your nostalgic heartstrings.

Happy dog



♬ original sound - DJ Moody

The wildly popular Happy Dog created by @deejaymoo41 has been used hundreds of thousands of times by TikTokers to share videos of their pooches embracing life – from running into piles of leaves to frolicking on the beach. The original video shows a golden retriever basking in a pool of sunshine with his owner stomping his feet and singing along to his made up jingle.

Patatak dance


Macchia‘s reaction 😂👀👻🐾 Habt ihr ein Haustier? ##patatakchallenge ##animalreaction ##dog ##fun ##comedy ##Challenge ##foryou ##fürdich ##fyp ##trend

♬ Patatak - Mihnea Crăciun

This is a weird but thigh-slappingly funny challenge that has been making its rounds online for some time. The challenge shows people extending each limb outwards one by one to the tune of Patatak by Mine Craciun. The dogs' reactions are all sorts of ways ranging from heart warming to plain hilarious.

Blanket challenge


What the fluff!?! They are too smart! 😅 ##whatthefluff ##whatthefluffchallenge ##dogchallenge ##corgi ##corgisoftiktok ##fyp ##dogblanketchallenge ##toosmart


The Blanket Challenge involves tricking your dog into thinking you've disappeared. Just throw their favourite toy in one direction and while they're running after it, hide under a blanket. The funny art of the video is watching stunned pups look around for their owners that they seem to believe have vanished into thin air.

Doggy diet


Putting Ruby on a diet prank..that didn't go well lol. ##dogondietchallenge ##dogdietchallenge ##dogsoftiktok ##tiktokdogs

♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber

Dogs have amazing personalities, and they shine brightest around the people they are most comfortable with. To bring out their more feisty sides, pet owners have been pretending to put their pooches on a diet by only pouring a few pellets into their bowl at dinnertime. Some of the dogs look slightly wounded with their big sad puppy eyes while others begin to growl and bark.

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