Because of Eris' impressive snout, she's now become an instant Instagram (@eriszoi) star with 104 000 followers. Picture: Instagram

When Joey Kidd-Kambourian takes his dog for a walk, he is often stopped by complete strangers. One-year-old Eris, a Borzoi Sighthound, is no ordinary dog. With a nose measuring 31cm long, it's longer than a ruler.

Because of Eris' impressive snout, she's now become an instant Instagram (@eriszoi) star with 104 000 followers, and even has her own merchandise. Kidd-Kambourian, a jewellery designer from Ohio, told Metro: "I got Eris in July 2018 and my life has been quite the whirlwind since."

"We actually started Eris’ Instagram as a scrap-booking project with the intentions of having a place for us to look back on her growth and have a favourite picture from each day," he continued.

"It’s been wild to watch it grow in the way that it has. Whilst there are other dogs that are a bit longer than her in general, I definitely think she could be in the running for the world’s longest nose.

"I don’t think there is anybody tracking this record at the moment though… but it would be great for Eris if they did! 

"Sighthound dogs have always been a fascination for me, and Borzois are incredibly gracious as a breed."

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“Fellow human, are you aware of this?” -Eris, probably. - - We had mentioned in stories a few days ago that we were planning Eris’s very first merch launch in collaboration with local business @bonfire. We are happy to announce that our only merch of 2019 has gone on sale, and will be available for the next 17 days! - - Check out the link in our bio [] for more information, or DM/comment any questions you may have. We will be doing a giveaway a little bit later in the campaign once our preview shirt comes in! Until then, enjoy all the regularly scheduled snoots and smiles as always! 🥰 - - ——————————————————— #borzoi #russianwolfhound #wolfhound #dailyfluff #floof #weirddog #snoot #dogsofinstagram #rva #sighthound #doggo #instadog #happydog #dogsofig #smilingdog #happiness #dogstagram #cute #ilovemydog #sillydog #longdog ———————————————————

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According to Wikipedia, the borzoi, also called the Russian wolfhound, is a breed of domestic dog. Descended from dogs brought to Russia from central Asian countries, it is similar in shape to a greyhound, and is also a member of the sighthound family.

The borzoi is an athletic and independent breed of dog. Most of them are fairly quiet, barking on rare occasions.