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Sunday, May 29, 2022

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WATCH: Hilariously dramatic dog goes viral for protesting new feeding routine

Hungry Olive pleading with her owner for an extra mealtime. Picture: @hailyhartt on TikTok.

Hungry Olive pleading with her owner for an extra mealtime. Picture: @hailyhartt on TikTok.

Published Nov 24, 2021


Diets keep our fur babies happy, healthy and well-nourished. But, this adorable pooch, who has gone viral after protesting her new feeding routine, they’re absolutely the worst.

With well over 5 million views and 1 million likes, the TikTok video features an adorable pup named Olive who has the internet in hysterics.

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Famous for being a striking and imposing dog breed with powerful personalities to match, Olive is a beautiful Dogo Argentino with a strong, yet slender build, silky white fur coat and long limbs.

@haileyhartt She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy.. 🤦![CDATA[]]>🏻‍♀️ #OliveLouise #dogoargentino #dogtok #OlivetheDogo #dogoftikok ♬ original sound - Hailey Hart

The account user named @haileyhartt posted the mini-meltdown of her dog after she started using a new automatic feeding contraption to dispense pellets into a bowl for her dog.

Standing near the electronic feeder, and looking pleadingly at her owner, the video features a rather funny exchange between the pair over mealtime.

Looking into an empty feeding bowl, the pup begins to bark and whine to which her owner says: “That isn’t how it works.

“It doesn’t just give you food whenever you put your paw on it. I’m sorry.”

As if on cue, Olive lets out a few more howls paired with looks of utter dismay.

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It seems she may have confused the feeding machine with a treat-dispensing toy.

There are a few on the market that respond to pushes of buttons to feed pets or offer them treats while their owners are away.

The caption of the video reads, “she thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy”, which sort of explains the dramatic exchange that ensued.

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The fact that the two seem to be able to understand each other is what really had people talking.

Once TikTok user even commented, “she needs the talking buttons!”

“She has so many feelings,” to which Hart responded“ “We’ve been looking at getting her some!”

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Hart also shared that she has her dog on a vet regulated diet that is perfect for her breed, size and energy levels.

People request a follow-up video so that they could see Olive’s adorable reaction once her mealtime finally arrived at noon.

Rushing to the feeder at the first clank of pellets hitting her bowl, the hungry pooch gobbled up every morsel without even allowing the machine a chance to offload the full amount first.

@haileyhartt Reply to @britneymoore29 ♬ original sound - Hailey Hart

The device, which goes off three times a day, is used to control feeding times rather than relying on ‘free-feeding, a controversial technique involving leaving bowls of food out and allowing your pet to decide when they are hungry.

In another video, in response to worried fans of Olive, who thought her dog was not receiving enough to eat, Hart shared more insight on the topic.

“Free-feeding your dogs can lead to gastric volvulus (often fatal), obesity, difficulty recognising loss of appetite as a serious health symptom, and bug/rodent infestation in the home,” she said.

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