WATCH: Retired police dog’s hilarious reaction to the word ‘cocaine’ goes viral

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 29, 2021

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A former Australian K-9 unit named Dante proved that he’s really never off duty, even during retirement.

The German Shephard’s owner, Davey Rutherford, posted a video on the video-sharing app, TikTok, where he rattled off a list of random grocery items.

"All right, shopping list," he began. "Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo." Then, just as casually as he listed all the other items he threw in the word “cocaine”.

Without missing a beat, Dante paused his panting to whip around and shoot his owner a concerned look.

"Just kidding," Rutherford quickly added, captioning the short clip with the words "Sniffer dog knows English".

With that, the adorable pooch immediately calmed down and returned to being a happy pooch.

The video was posted in March and has gained more than 2.6 million views with thousands of likes and comments. Fans of the online duo who share a following of 26.6K took to the comment’s section to flood the video with all kinds of love.

A TikTok user by the name @jack0068 said: “We don’t joke about such things in this house.”

@nicolamackenzie25 said she rewatched the video three times just to see Dante’s hilarious expression.


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♬ original sound - Davey Rutherford

If you enjoyed the thigh-slappingly funny clip of Dante, or if you simply just love dogs, you’ll be happy to know that Rutherford’s TikTok account is ridden with more videos like this.

From trips to the beach to testing how well the former drug-sniffing dog can maintain his concentration to partaking in viral challenges, there’s enough fun and action for everyone to enjoy.


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♬ original sound - Davey Rutherford

Eating treats and frolicking through ocean waves on a hot day, after many years of hard work and dedication to serving his country and keeping citizens safe, it’s wonderful to see Dante getting to enjoy being just a dog.

Although, from his elite training it would appear that he enjoys keeping his owners on their toes.

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