Picture: YouTube.com

Suzelle DIY has teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to bring you the ultimate pet hacks, just in time for the festive season

“This episode is for all of you pet lovers out there who are looking for new and fun ways to entertain your furry friends!," said the YouTube star.

"We make everything from up cycled doggy toys, challenging cat puzzles and DIY pet treats. To be honest I didn't even really want to make this episode but Marianne forced me into doing it and we landed up having a lot of lolz (with Bakkies included) Shame. Special thanks to our friends Hills for sponsoring this episode."

Suzelle DIY has over 142 000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her do-it-yourself Webseries has garnered her thousands of fans across the country. 

"I love braaing, dinner parties and DIY. I also love to go out for a koffie with my best friend Marianne."