The couple are psychics who claim to be able to communicate with animals through telepathy – even if they are dead. Picture: Pixabay

London - If you’ve ever wished you could interpret your pet’s innermost thoughts, then Susie Shiner and Paul Braithwaite say they can help you.

The couple are psychics who claim to be able to communicate with animals through telepathy – even if they are dead.

Shiner, 50, says she holds "thought conversations" with pets, from cats and dogs to horses and hamsters, simply by looking at a photograph of them and learning their names.

From there, she claims she can pick up fragments of images, thoughts and words by "dialling in" to their minds.

Through this method, Shiner said, she has been able to communicate with an English bull terrier which said he felt emasculated and embarrassed by being made to wear a tartan Barbour doggy jacket.

She also claimed a horse had told her about a bereavement in its owner’s family by sending an image of the owner crying into its mane.

Another dog, speaking from beyond the grave, was apparently able to give the name of a second dog which lived on the same road. Shiner and Braithwaite, 43, who live near Chepstow, Monmouthshire, say they have been inundated with demand from hundreds of owners. This week they will begin a tour of English towns appearing before a live audience.

Owners will take along a photograph of their pet, give its name and state how long they have been together.

"In my mind’s eye I imagine or feel the love I might have for their pet," Miss Shiner said. "I then allow whatever images, emotions or thoughts to come in, and I just pass them on as I get them.

"Sometimes you get a glimpse of something, a mental image of where it sleeps, for example. You try to get little snippets of evidence that are personal to the owner. Mostly the information is right, but sometimes we can interpret it wrongly.

"The change in the audience’s faces during our shows are amazing. A lot of them are sceptical but by the end of the evening they are truly wowed.

‘There is a steady flow of people who are interested in communicating to their animals. We’re really hoping it can take off."

Shiner added: "The aim is to try to provide evidence to the animals’ owner that we are really communicating with their animal, not just any pet.

"The main reason people come to us is because their pet has a behavioural issue. Often they want to know why their dog is weeing all over the house, or why their cat appears to have terrible anxiety.

"We also get a lot of horse owners – people will ask us what is wrong with their horse if they appear to be worried about a jump, for example.

"Often there are end-of-life choices that people want to make, such as whether their dog wants to be put down or not.

"Sometimes they literally just want to know whether their pet is happy, or whether there is anything they can do for them."

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