Yasmin Le Bon

London - He unleashed a public outcry by inviting controversial dog trainer Cesar Millan on to his show.

Now it seems British daytime TV host Alan Titchmarsh has landed himself in the doghouse with Yasmin Le Bon.

According to her rock star husband, Duran Duran singer Simon, Mrs Le Bon is ‘on the warpath’ after Titchmarsh said Millan’s methods were ‘barbaric’.

In a confrontational interview on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on Wednesday, Millan was criticised for kicking dogs and using electric shocks and spiked collars to control them. Titchmarsh, 63, said the methods were ‘pretty barbaric treatment’ and ‘totally unacceptable’.

When the model and dog-lover, who lives in London, read a report of the interview it seems the domestic bliss of the Le Bon household was disturbed by an outburst of fury.

Le Bon said on Twitter: ‘WTF did Alan Titchmarsh say about Cesar Millan that’s seriously put my wife on the warpath? He should be afraid, very afraid!’ He added: ‘Cesar Millan is pretty close to holy in this house.’

The US-based trainer has a host of celebrity clients including Scarlett Johansson and Oprah Winfrey, although it is not known if he has trained Mrs Le Bon’s own dogs, a chihuahua called Tinka, a pug named Luigi, and Cecil, a Boston terrier.

Animal rights activists complained about the TV interview and thousands protested on Facebook and Twitter.

Mrs Le Bon’s spokesman did not respond to a request for a comment. Daily Mail