South Korean tattoo artist, known online only as ‘Dogy’, translates the fine details of family photographs into minimalist etchings made permanent by ink.

Delicate solid lines and negative spaces are characteristic of minimalist tattoos. The lines create patterns that are simple yet complete, capturing all of the precious detail.

Dogy shares his artwork online under the Instagram handle 'tattooer_dogy' where he has garnered over 200 000 followers. In his pictures, he shows comparisons of his tattooed renditions next to the original photographs, which often appear aged, as though they were recently retrieved from an old scrapbook.

Whether it’s a snap of child, fast asleep and nuzzling into his father’s neck, or siblings sitting in the sand while on vacation, Dogy uses his artistic eye to engrave other people's stories on to their bodies. From his account, it is evident that he’s inspired by love in various forms, 2-D outlines of families and even beloved pets are depicted in simple silhouettes. While branding these figures onto skin is Dogy’s job as an artist, he shared in an interview that it’s something that truly brings him joy.

"Mother and son"

"Father and daughter"