Smash cakes are another fun gender reveal party idea. Picture Instagram.
Smash cakes are another fun gender reveal party idea. Picture Instagram.

Fun gender reveal ideas that won’t end in disaster

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Feb 27, 2021

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Gender reveal ideas that are eco-friendly, safe and filled with fun.

People have always made a big deal about sharing the sex of their babies with their family. It always comes with a great deal of anticipation from those who have been eagerly trying to guess based off of old wives' tales.

Gender reveal parties are typically held soon after a baby's sex has been identified. Parents who choose to be surprised during the reveal can assign a family member to learn the baby's sex from their doctor so they can undertake the necessary preparations for the big reveal.

Parties are decked out with pink and blue drinks, food and decor, with guessing games and the big gender reveal being the main event. Much like baby showers, pink and blue are used as a trope to indicate girl or boy respectively. How the colour is revealed is where things get interesting.

However, the trend has grown to become rather daring and dangerous with everyone from celebrities to influencers looking for the next big reveal idea with the most shock factor.

From setting forests and parks ablaze with smoke bombs to polluting parks with tiny bits of plastic confetti and hundreds of fly away balloons, the trend has sparked controversy online for being extremely hazardous.

Rather than following fads, plan a gender reveal party that is tasteful, safe and eco-friendly with all the fun and exciting aspects still included.

5 tasteful gender reveal party ideas:


If you love fun and games, why not turn your gender reveal into a little bit of a competition between your partner or family members? The piñata can be shaped like a stuffed animal, a pacifier, toy rattle or anything baby. As for the filling that will reveal the gender once it’s been burst open, anything from coloured candies all wrapped in either pink or blue or bits of biodegradable confetti can be used. Rather than having to run after fluttering pieces of confetti, use the variety of plantable seed paper that will eventually grow into a plant.


Everyone’s favourite outcome of gender reveal parties are the pictures. The action shots show the parent’s excitement as they realise the sex of their baby. The theatrics of this reveal is truly all about the parents and the pictures which will make for a special keepsake. Tape streamers onto the inside of the umbrella, close it and ensure none of the streamers are peeking out. When the umbrella opens, the streamers will fall out in a flurry - no mess no fuss. Alternatively, use pigmented powder that will flall out in a cloud of pink or blue.


Cake is everyone’s go-to way to celebrate big news, and gender reveals are no exception. From hidden centre cupcakes stuffed with coloured sweets or frosting to several layer masterpieces iced with the words “he or she, cut to see”, gender reveal cakes make for a delicious treat for everyone. As a bonus, it’s zero waste and can involve the entire family.

Paint wall

Fill balloons with paint and secure them onto a canvas with paint. The expecting couple can have turns throwing darts at the balloons until one of them containing either blue or pink paint pops. The rest of the balloons can be filled with neutral colours like greys, greens, yellows and so on. Once the canvas is covered with streaming drips of paint, the canvas can then be framed and placed inside the babies nursery.


Have a family of sports lovers? Then this is the trend for you. Specially crafted balls - tennis, football and softball - are filled with that explode upon impact sending coloured into the air. So whether you're swinging a bat or kicking a ball, the build up is intensely thrilling and the reveal will make for awesome photographs.

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