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Home kit raises chances of pregnancy by 89%

By IANS Time of article published Jul 5, 2018

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Couples, finding hard to conceive a baby for not knowing the best days and regular visits to the lab for follicular ultrasound scans being frustrating, can now better their chances by 89 percent with a small, innovative home kit to identify the fertile days.

Inito, a Bengaluru based medical diagnostic firm, has developed a fertility monitor. The home diagnostic test kit comprising of Inito Reader, an app for your mobile and the test strips enables women to track their fertile days at home in an easy and convenient manner.

"The Inito Fertility Monitor works by identifying up to six fertile days of a woman's cycle. The test strips are dipped in urine and inserted into the device, the device is then attached to the phone and the Inito app displays the result," Inito co-founder Aayush Rai told IANS.

The device not only measures estrogen and luteinizing hormone in urine but also understands cycle variations and gives accurate results unique to every individual woman's cycle and thus increases the chance of her getting pregnant naturally by 89 percent, Rai said.

Inito is backed by its patented flat lens technology that enables smartphones to perform diagnostic tests at home using a single portable device. Other available home products like ovulation kits are unreliable and do not work for the hormone levels of Indian women, he said.

"A report by IIT Delhi Professor Satish Dubey has proved that it can read diagnostic test strips with a 99.12 percent correlation when compared to lab grade scanners," Rai said and added while the bulky lab reader costs Rs 3 lakh, the small and portable Inito device is for Rs 3000.

He said Inito will soon be adding diabetes, thyroid and vitamin D tests to its device. Addition of more tests would just require an app update and the strips with the reading device remaining the same. The device can also work on third party strips after an app upgrade.

The company, which raised $1 million (R13 694 100.00) last year from angel investors in India and Singapore, has four patents pending in its name in six geographies comprising US, European Union, Japan, India, Russia and China, and has already bagged three design awards -- CII Design Award, India Design Mark and Japanese Good Design Award.


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