Earlier this month she gave birth to Taylor-Ray, a healthy baby boy. File picture: Elisabet Ottosson/Flickr

London - Debra Cowgill always knew her son would have a little brother or sister - one day.

So determined was she to have a second child that she endured 16 miscarriages over ten years. And still she kept on trying.

But now her family is complete. Earlier this month she gave birth to Taylor-Ray, a healthy baby boy.

Cowgill, 33, had already had two miscarriages while trying for her eldest, Corey, now ten, with husband Darren, 40.

But despite the heartache of losing another 16 babies over the following decade, the couple never doubted they would get their "perfect" family.

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"It was always so difficult, going back for a scan to be told there was no heartbeat time and time again," Cowgill said. "But I never gave up hope. Corey would ask every day about having a brother or sister, he kept us both going through the hard times. It was for him just as much as us.

"I come from a family of seven and always loved having my brothers and sisters around. I wanted that for Corey too.

"We were always really open with Corey and told him the truth as it was important for him to see that we weren’t giving up and that these things happen -they are no one’s fault.

"We don’t regret that we kept trying because things happen for a reason and now we have the perfect family."

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