Moshe Ndiki ready to welcome baby via surrogate birth

TV personality Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Supplied

TV personality Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Supplied

Published Sep 29, 2020


TV personality Moshe Ndiki has taken to social media to announce that he will be a dad via surrogacy.

He posted images of himself standing outside a fertility clinic.

"I prayed for you, longed for you.Thank you to my doctor, my fertility clinic, my friend Sabelo who helped me start and my surrogate, what a journey we have travelled and still to travel … I’m gonna be a dad," captioned Moshe the snaps.

The TV personality also shared a name that could possibly be the little one's: "Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander Ndiki. (Tina)".

— Moshelle Obama (@MosheNdiki) September 28, 2020

He explained the meanings of the names and where they come from: “lathi THALANDA ILANGA (the sun rose and shone on me and my ancestors) lasemazizini nase majwarherheni-Intaba (cause he is the hill I’m willing to die on) Alexander (my maternal granddad’s name) Lehlohonolo (paternal granddad),” tweeted the star.

Over the past few weeks, Moshe has been partying up a storm and living his best life. Now, the star says, he is ready to give all that up for the bundle of joy who has stolen his youth.

"I’m shaking Loudly crying where the hell is this boy going as I was enjoying my youth?no manners at all, Thalanda wtf dawg," tweeted Moshe.

The soon-to-be father’s good news comes just months after an unpleasant split with singer Phelo Bala.

In a statement released about the break-up Moshe said “these are matters of a private nature and I have been advised because there are court proceedings I cannot reveal anything, however at this present time, I would like to state that I have no way abused Phelo and I have proof to this effect”.

However, the two seem to have moved on and started new chapters in their lives. Phelo went gone public this week about his relationship with entrepreneur Vuyo Varoyi.

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