Sergeant Mandy Hilton-Petersen
 with the infant.
Cape Town - A police officer relied on her motherly instincts when she helped a woman deliver her baby at Maitland police station in Cape Town.

Sergeant Mandy Hilton-Petersen said that when the distressed woman entered the Maitland Community Service Centre (CSC) on Friday, she was already experiencing labour pains. A mother of two boys herself, she said the woman’s water had already broken by the time she went to assist her.

“I told myself I had to stay calm because I was so nervous, but I wanted the baby to survive. My motherly instincts just kicked in and I knew I had to deliver the baby,” said Hilton-Petersen.

She said she had no medical training but had to remain calm as they waited for emergency medical services (EMS).

“I had to perform the duties of a midwife as I helped the mother to an office. I told her to breathe as I helped her lie down, and she said she could feel the baby coming,” said Hilton-Petersen.

She said the baby was already crowning when EMS arrived on the scene to assist her.

“We delivered a beautiful baby boy and I told the mother to breast feed as I laid the little one on her chest. A member of the public entered the station and we used shoelaces to tie the umbilical cord,” said Hilton-Petersen.

Maitland Community Policing Forum chairperson Justin Kumlehn said the community were proud to have Hilton-Peterson as part of their team.

“On behalf of the community we congratulate the sergeant, who received a surprise at the CSC while on duty on Friday. This was not your everyday complaint and we thank her for showing the community that there is more to SAPS than meets the eye,” said Kumlehn.

He said both mother and child were transported to hospital by emergency services and were in a stable condition.

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