Parents pictured reacting to the gender of their unborn baby. The blue smoke indicates that they are having a boy. Image: Flickr
From vanilla butter cream iced cupcakes, hollowed out and stuffed with pink or blue sweets, to elaborate scavenger hunts - parents are finding the most creative ways to reveal their baby's gender. 

Finding out the sex of your baby is exciting and always comes with a great deal of anticipation from family and friends who have been eagerly trying to guess based off of old wives' tales. No matter how desperate they are to find out, opting for a quick phone call to Mom and Dad just doesn't cut it anymore, as people have started finding more extravagant ways to share the news.

Gender reveal parties are typically held soon after a baby's sex has been identified. Parents who choose to be surprised during the reveal can assign a family member to learn the baby's sex from their doctor so they can undertake the necessary preparations for the big reveal. Parties are decked out with pink and blue drinks, food and decor, with guessing games and the big gender reveal being the main event.  Much like baby showers, pink and blue are used as a trope to indicate girl or boy respectively. How the colour is revealed is where things get interesting. 

Check out six spectacular ways parents are revealing their baby's gender:

Smoke bomb

Kat Kamalani revealed her baby's gender using a smoke bomb. 


Padres Minor Leaguer, River Stevens and his wife discovered the gender of their first child together using a powder filled baseball that exploded upon impact. For those who are passionate about sport, this can also be achieved using other sports balls - for instance,  try filling a soccer ball with powder and kicking it. 

Balloon Pop

The Saccone Jolys and their three children popped a giant balloon filled with dazzling pieces of coloured confetti to reveal their baby's gender.

Paint Balloon Darts

Make a game of it - Zack Hart and his wife got messy with their gender reveal, throwing darts at paint filled balloons that popped and spilled paint.


Justine Young's family used a Piñata filled with blue or pink confetti as a fun way to get their younger children excited about their new sibling. 

Scavenger Hunt

Riddles and clues in a scavenger hunt themed gender reveal led the way to the McClure family discovering the gender of their third child. The final clue led them to white frosted vanilla cupcakes - filled with either blue or pink icing. What a delectable way to learn your baby's gender.