The couple met nine years ago and started trying for a baby two years later. File photo: Pixabay

London - Selina Torbett and Kev Ashe have five reasons to believe in miracles.

After years of trying for a family, they finally had a daughter after IVF treatment.

But their dream of giving her a brother or sister ended up bigger than they expected...when they ended up with quadruplets.

Now their three-year-old daughter Myla is big sister to identical triplet brothers Roman, Arlo and Austin and sister Raeya, all now 11 months old.

"It’s unbelievable – we had one little miracle, then we had four more," said Torbett, 28. "It’s exhausting and insane but we wouldn’t change it for the world."

The couple met nine years ago and started trying for a baby two years later. Torbett, a hospital ward sister, has polycystic ovaries and endometriosis, which can seriously affect fertility.

She had been told IVF wasn’t available until she was 31 but when the rules changed to include women over 24, she grabbed the chance. The result was Myla who was born in October, 2014.

A year later, Miss Torbett and Mr Ashe, 35, a decorator, decided they wanted to expand their family.

Two frozen eggs left from their previous treatment were implanted at the same time.

But at five weeks a scan showed she was carrying four babies after one of the eggs split three ways. The couple decided to keep all the babies, despite doctors warning there was a high risk of miscarriage and other complications. But the quadruplets arrived safe and well on July 23 last year, 11 weeks early.

"To think we thought we could never have children and now we are outnumbered by five is crazy," their mother said at their home in Winchester, Hampshire.

"But I feel like we have won the lottery. We did it, despite all the people who doubted us. I have always longed for a big family but had accepted that wouldn’t happen for me. But our babies are proof that miracles do happen."

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