Whitney Port felt “insecure” after suffering a miscarriage. Picture: AP
Whitney Port felt “insecure” after suffering a miscarriage. Picture: AP

Whitney Port doesn't know if she wants another child after miscarriage

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Sep 10, 2019

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Whitney Port felt “insecure” after suffering a miscarriage.

The 34-year-old television personality suffered a miscarriage in July when she was carrying her second child with husband Tim Rosenman, and has said the experience left her wondering if she still wants to have another baby.

Speaking to Tim - with whom she already has two-year-old son Sonny - on the season finale of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ on Monday - she said: “I feel like I’ve come to terms with this pregnancy not working out. Then I go to the bathroom and there’s still blood, so every time I see that, I’m reminded of it. 

"Even when I’m trying to do my own thing and keep busy and be happy and distracted, I’m still reminded of it and I still just have so much stress about the second child. I know that you really want more children and I don’t know that I do, and I feel like I would be disappointing you if we didn’t. I feel like forever I’d always have this insecurity that I [didn’t give you what you wanted].”

When the producer told her they could carry on their conversation later, Whitney then told the cameras: “Timmy has been such an amazing support.

 Anything I’m feeling, he validates, which is so important because he knows that there is just no wrong when it comes to this. He has been my teammate, my partner. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this without him.”

The ‘With Whit’ podcast host also spoke to co-star Kaitlynn Carter about her miscarriage in the episode, as she told her she feels anxious about having a second child “all the time.”

She said: “It’s almost like I want something to just hit me, like, ‘OK, you’re ready.’ I just want that moment, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”

And Whitney explained in another confessional that her pregnancy loss is “one of the most difficult things” she has experienced.

She added: The grief is all-consuming, it’s all you can think about. It’s like, a death is happening inside your body and you’re also supposed to show up for your child that you have. You can’t really be sad in front of him.”

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