File photo: As further proof, she showed the reporter her ultrasound report. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

A woman who went for an abortion in Xi'an, China, was shocked to find out a week later that the foetus was still alive inside her womb, the Daily Mail reported.

The mother of two said the doctor who had performed the procedure told her it "had gone smoothly". But when she went for a check at a local hospital, she was told she was still pregnant.

The incident was first reported by Shaanxi Radio and Television Station, and according to the report, Ms Zhou had fallen pregnant unexpectedly and decided to have a termination of pregnancy (ToP).

She underwent surgery at Aviation Industry Corporation of China Xi'an Hospital on July 10. It was unclear then how many weeks pregnant she was.

"After returning home, I felt uncomfortable, so uncomfortable I decided to go to a hospital near my home for a check a week later," Ms Zhou told the station.

"After the check, the doctor said my foetus was still there," the mother added.

As further proof, she showed the reporter her ultrasound report.

Now the hospital that performed the abortion has reportedly offered to give her another abortion - free of charge.

Zhou has now demanded the hospital offer financial compensation because she said the medical mistake had brought her mental stress and forced her to take time off work.