Pregnancy is a blessing, but along with the extreme nausea and constant eating, there are times moms-to-be say "enough". Picture:

My first pregnancy wasn't an easy one. Three months in, I was rushed to the emergency room after experiencing severe cramps and bleeding. It was my birthday. 

"Threatened abortion." Those were the words coming out of the doctor's mouth. They were the only words I remember. Because I had fibroids, my body was literally fighting off the foetus. It saw it as a threat. I was ordered to remain in bed for the next few days.

During my third and final trimester, my nose started growing. It grew so big that if I looked down, I could see it. And then there was the "glow". No, it wasn't that pregnancy glow everybody talks about. My skin was glowing, as in shining because of the overproduction of oils.

My ankles and feet had swollen to such an extent that for the last two months before giving birth, I was forced to wear flip-flops. So when Twitter moms shared their pregnancy experiences, I could relate. In fact, most moms can relate. That's what makes this thread so funny.

Check out some of the laugh out laugh and honest depictions of what it's really like to be pregnant.