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New mothers-to-be are showered with love, support and gifts in the months preceding the birth of their baby. But what about mom’s who are expecting their second or third child? The answer: Baby sprinkles. 

Baby Sprinkle themed balloons. Picture: Pinterest.

The name really says it all. They aren’t your average full blown baby shower, but rather a scaled down celebration for moms who already have kids. They serve as a wonderful way for loved ones to express their joy, and help the growing family prepare, without asking too much of them.

Since baby showers are often costly, for guests as well as those who plan them, hosting additional ones can be controversial, especially since the family should be well equipped with many of the basics and fancy extras. And whatever they don’t have, they should be able to buy themselves.

However, mothers might want to celebrate the birth of each child individually. Or the new baby may be of a different gender and the parents would prefer new toys and clothes that are more suitable. And, in some cases, the age gap between their first and second born is more than just a couple of years and the parents no longer have any of the basics. 

Picture: Etsy.come. Invite available on etsy.com.

Naturally, much like a baby shower, gifting is still on the agenda. But this time around only necessities, like nappies, wet wipes, face cloths, dummies and clothing essentials, are on the wishlist.

As for food and decor, it’s all about sprinkles, of course. From colourful confetti strewn tables to cakes iced in white and covered in hundreds and thousands, it’s basically a burst of colour to celebrate the new arrival.

Sprinkle coated cakes are a popular treat at baby sprinkles. Picture: Pinterest.
Confetti streamers and a "sprinkle with love banner" make for beautiful party decor. Picture: PInterest.

An added bonus of having a baby sprinkle is that it helps parents introduce their only child to the idea of being an older brother or sister. With parties being fun and exciting for kids, it will certainly aid in developing a positive attitude toward their new sibling.