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The year is no longer new. Your career and weight is what it is. And – if you haven’t committed to your new year’s resolutions – it’s probably too late to start now.

Skaftouros rationalises the mystery behind the “mid-year blues”.

“The cold brings with it discomfort and along with all those missed goals, life seems a little grey. The sun may not be out as much, lowering our body's serotonin (happy hormone) levels. We are also under a lot of pressure at work and there are less options for outdoor activities to release that stress,” said Skaftourous

There’s not much to get excited about said Skaftouros. “The middle of the year is a little like living inland, it can be a little mentally stifling, with few reasons to get all excited, unless you are still in school and have July holidays around the corner.”

Winter has come, along with all of its aches and pains. “It’s the time of the year where we get sick more often or have to take care of sick kids or other loved ones. It's just all compounded blues with everything coming at you at the same time. The excitement of the new job or promotion has worn off, that new beginning that comes with the start of a sunny new year is over and the pressure is now on to perform and impress.”

To beat the blues, here are 7 tips to follow from Skaftouros:

1. Keep as active as possible, it gets the Serotonin levels up.

2. Be intentional about surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up and encourage you.

3. Get that vitamin C in ya. Take a good probiotic to boost your immune system. 

4. Drink lots of water. When we are sick we lose a lot of water so keep hydrated.

5. Do something good for someone else so get involved with a community project or volunteer with a project that interests you.

6. Take some 'me' time to recoup from the stress. Drop the kids off with the grandies or with a friend and go for a walk on the beach. Go for a massage or some kind of pamper session. Do something you have wanted to do for a while. Just get involved with doing something intentionally that will make you feel better.

7. Read some uplifting or humourous books. I would suggest a book over a movie because a book's content stays with you longer than that of a movie.