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Friendships are part of a valuable support structure. Reporter, Sacha van Niekerk chatted to Rakhi Beekrum, counselling psychologist and resident psychologist at eThekwini Hospital & Heart Centre, who shared the seven typed of friends you might encounter.

The Good-time Guy/Girl

This friend is always available for parties and celebrations, but may not always be there when the going gets tough. This is a great friend to be around when you need to de-stress and let your hair down, though they may not be the best option when you need sound advice.

The Leader

This is the friend who thrives from being in charge – by making plans and being the centre of attention. The leader is happiest when all friends comply with his/her plans, but may strongly dislike others suggesting alternatives. The leader is a useful friend when plans need to be made.

The Agony Aunt/Uncle

There’s always that one friend you can rely on for sound wisdom and advice. This friend is the good listener, non-judgemental, empathic and often wise beyond their years. The agony aunt/uncle always knows what to say to make you feel better.

The Drainer

Friendships are meant to be reciprocal relationships, but there are some friends who just take without giving anything in return. Beware of the negative energy that such ‘friendships’ may transmit to you. These ‘friends’ are needy and expect you to be available to them, while not offering the same in return. They are also likely to be complainers and gossips.