Sleep? no, I’m still online

Published Dec 9, 2011


London - The internet reaches into so many areas of our lives that one in four people now spend longer online than they do asleep, a survey has revealed.

With huge quantities of waking hours spent plugged into PCs, laptops and smartphones, more than half - 51 percent - admit to suffering from “e-anxiety” if they are unable to check their emails or Facebook page.

Men spend bigger chunks of their time online. More than one in four spend six hours or more a day online, compared to one in five women.

The survey found that one in three check their personal emails more than six times a day outside of work. One in 20 check their emails more than 20 times every day - the equivalent of once every 45 minutes - and one in seven checks their social media accounts more than six times a day.

But many of those surveyed felt that their internet use was not a bad thing.

Jon Blumberg from Sky Broadband, which commissioned the survey, said: “We’re a nation of digital pragmatists, with 74 percent of people saying they feel more knowledgeable because of the internet and 72 percent feeling more up to date with what’s happening in the world.

“That’s exactly as it should be - the internet should help you live your life, not take it over.”

The research also categorised several internet “personalities”.

These include “internet intellectuals”, who are skilled at using online resources and have a high degree of know-how about the internet and digital technology; and “cyber savvies”, who are above-average in their online skills and usage, but are less knowledgeable about how the internet and computers actually work. - Daily Mail

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