Auckland - Dreams are most commonly about sex or being chased, according to recently released data.

Researchers at the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory in Canada conducted an online questionnaire for more than a decade, collecting data from more than 28 000 people aged between 10 and 79.

They found 85 percent of the men and 73 percent of women most commonly had sexy dreams.

The most common dream theme for women was being chased, with 83 percent reporting this most often, compared to 78 percent of men.

Girls recalled their dreams more often than boys, according to the findings published on Medical Daily.

Men were more likely to dream about magical powers, alien attacks or murder, while women dreamt about failing exams, death of a relative or insects.

Most bad dreams occurred in people aged between 20 and 30.

Psychologist Tore Nielsen said this was when “the happiness index is at its lowest”.

The older people got, the more limited their dream themes became. – New Zealand Herald