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Stating that in recent years the prevalence of couples unable to conceive has increased drastically and over 20 percent of the married couples account for it, the doctors say that the successful IVF cases in the recent years is another reason attracting couples with fertility issues.

Earlier, a study by hospitals revealed that a baby born from IVF has the same cognizant skills as a child born out of natural pregnancy.

"The IVF cases have increased as high as 25 percent in recent years. Not only is there a decline in female fertility, but a reduction in male fertility has been on the rise," said Reeta Rai, a gynaecologist at city-based Safdarjung Hospital.

According to Rai, women are born with their lifetime reserve of eggs, and these gradually decrease in both quality and quantity with age. However, due to the sedentary lifestyle, eggs get destroyed/depleted prematurely.

Another reason behind increase in IVF cases are health conditions and diseases such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) -- now very common among Indian women and is estimated to have 22 percent prevalence rate in India.

"IVF is a great treatment method which helps these patients fulfil their desire of parenthood. The need of the hour is to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle to increase and maintain fertility," said Arvind Vaid, IVF expert at city-based Indira IVF hospital.

According to him, obesity and genital Tuberculosis are other reasons causing infertility among women.