Make the most of Christmas in the southern hemisphere and take your table, and guests, outdoors.

The South African festive season is a time of long, languid summer days, lazing by the pool and enjoying drinks and feasts outdoors.

The inviting summer weather encourages an outdoor festive experience and this year’s Christmas trends are leaning towards this notion through the incorporation of natural elements where possible. Harking to the Scandinavian belief of ‘Lagom’, Christmas is about reducing excess and re-crafting home-found décor and design items for a more spiritual celebration.

Anita Bloom, Creative Director: Lifestyle, Design & Retail Portfolio for Decorex SA, said this year’s trends encouraged interaction and use of the outdoors, rather than introspection. “Pool parties, picnics and outdoor feasts is what Christmas 2017 is all about. But, rather than overindulging, the trend is to make the most of everything, putting meaning into each individual piece.”

1. Wooden touch

Fuse the trend of simplicity and the focus on the natural by setting up stylish, wooden trestle tables outdoors, available from Trestle South Africa. Continue this wooden theme by stacking crates for use as drink and snacks tables, and scattering indoor cushions outside for a relaxed feel.  

2. Fresh foliage

Extend the garden into your Christmas setting by cutting stems and flowers and creating a fresh, colourful centre piece for the table.

3. Simple, sophisticated settings

Understated white paper plates embossed with gold lettering create a more nuanced Christmas feeling while gorgeous, stemless champagne glasses bring an elegant tone suited to a Christmas celebration.

4. Clear, shimmering décor

Clear bottles of varying shapes and sizes can be used as eclectic, outdoor vases or even filled with Christmas baubles for some festive flair. That magical yuletide twinkle can be easily achieved with the addition of candles, hanging lanterns or fairy lights.

5. Some festive fun

For poolside entertainment settings, add a touch of fun by bringing in pool floaties such as flamingos and unicorns to really enhance that summer festive feeling.

Celebrate your #rhythmoflife this festive season with some of these sparkling ideas and start 2018 afresh with the best décor, design and lifestyle trends by visiting Decorex SA.

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