Deck the halls and step into Christmas - Britain is officially the most festive nation in the world. 

A study of the most Googled words from around the globe has revealed that it’s Brits who are searching for the most festive terms. 

According to Google’s data, which is complete to 13 December, this is the fourth year in a row that the UK has had the highest search interest in Christmas.

Be it hunting for the perfect Christmas pudding recipe or finding out where the best parties are, Brits seemingly can’t get enough of the most wonderful time of the year. 

As you'd expect, searches for festive terms grows over the course of the year, starting to drastically increase in October and peaking in December.

After the UK in first place, Ireland takes the second spot, followed by Slovakia, Italy, the Czech Republic and the US.

The Lincolnshire village of Keelby was revealed to be the part of the UK most obsessed with Christmas, and at the other end of the scale is Burnham in Buckinghamshire, where there were festive searches 20 times less often than Keelby last year. 

According to consumer and retail analyst Kate Hardcastle, the reason Brits are getting particularly into the Christmas spirit this year is because the national mood has been so low in recent months.

“Life is really tough right now and emotionally, therefore everyone is aiming towards a celebration,” she explained to the BBC.

Hardcastle also believes the reason Brits outdo Americans when it comes to Christmas interest is that Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the US, whereas in the UK, all our attention is focussed on Christmas.

And if the search data is anything to go by, Christmas really does start earlier every year - searches for festive terms in September and October have more than doubled over the previous seven years.

But given the year we’ve had, perhaps we need it.