The 'icky' baby brother arrival

Published Aug 21, 2017


Bumble Books has released a book that every big sister dreading a younger sibling’s arrival should read.

Written by Michelle Sacks and illustrated by Carla Kreuser, The Baby Brother Curse is a fun children’s book about a young girl named Boo whose mother is pregnant.

When Boo finds out her mom is expecting a boy, she thinks it’s the worst thing to ever happen to her; having an icky little boy roaming about the house.

Boo spends a number of months worrying about how bad having a baby brother will be. That is, until the day finally arrives.

Sacks was inspired by her niece, who was about to become a big sister to a baby boy in a family dominated by women. Kreuser decided to work with Sacks, a close friend, as part of an assignment she needed to do for her university degree.

The Baby Brother Curse is a funny, engaging and reassuring story that all big sisters and older siblings will be able to relate to. It will be available at bookstores in English and Afrikaans by the end of the month.

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