PVR, Netflix and YouTube allow parents to package education programmes for kids on a cellphone or tablet or stream them to your TV. ​​
Screens pervade the lives of young people and much of the content is culturally not ours. It usually comes from a Western paradigm.

Since the programmes are dotted by various types of adverts – many of them neither age appropriate nor in line with the viewing content or parents' ethics – viewing cannot go unsupervised.

For this reason savvy parents are customising their media offerings.

PVR, Netflix and YouTube allow you to watch what you want when you want. You can package educational programmes for your kids on a cellphone or tablet or stream them to your TV.

We rounded up the top 10 online kiddies channels, based on their subscriber base:

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Subscribers: 7718757.

ChuChuTV is designed to engage children through upbeat nursery rhymes and educational songs with colourful animations.


Ryan Toys Review

Subscribers: 6185375

Join Ryan to see him play with toys and review toys for kids.


Super Simple Songs

Subscribers: 4929105

Learn and explore through song and movement with Super Simple Songs.



Subscribers: 3762102

Toys, challenges, animals, video games, science experiments, special effects, animation and attractions.



Subscribers: 2257990

Share learning, fun and popular toy reviews by kids for kids.



Subscribers: 901465.

A family-friendly channel aimed at kids.


Kids TV Channel

Subscribers: 430607

Kids TV Channel is an online kids channel that is dedicated to making preschool learning fun for kids.


Baby Max

Subscribers: 233782

Baby Max goes on lots of adventures with his brother Donut the dog and his best friend Little Donny.



Subscribers: 582242

On BabyFirst TV, your baby can learn everything under the sun, from ABC to animals, colours to shapes.



Subscribers: 221432

CBeebies YouTube channel is aimed at adults watching with children and offers a safe environment where CBeebies content is readily accessible with no inappropriate links or adverts.


There isn't much in the way of South African or African offerings, so if you want to expose your children to more local entertainment here are a few options:

HooplaKidz Recipes

Subscribers: 440105

The channel showcases easy-to-follow tutorials that enables kids to discover their inner culinary connoisseur.


Disney Channel Africa

Subscribers: 224345

The home for Disney Channel on YouTube


Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos

Subscribers: 93770

The latest wildlife sightings feature animals seen on safari such as lions, leopards, elephants and hyena and many more African animals.