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Monday, August 15, 2022

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WATCH: DIY Easter bunny craft

Image: Sacha van Niekerk

Image: Sacha van Niekerk

Published Mar 28, 2018


Kids love DIY and these pom pom Easter bunnies are perfect for their next project - as a bonus, it’s bound to keep the “Mom! I’m bored!” tantrums at bay. The end results are perfect for adding a homemade touch to your Easter lunch table setting or bringing something fabulous to your child’s Easter Bonnet.

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Easter craft video be Sacha van Niekerk

How to make adorable pom pom Easter bunnies:

What you will need:

Grey and white wool/yarn

A fork with prongs

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Black and pink cardboard


A stick of glue

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All purpose glue (or Wood Glue)

Googly eyes (optional)

To make the pom poms

Step 1: Cut a white 10cm long piece of wool.

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Step 2: Thread the piece of wool through the middle of the fork prongs so there is an even amount of wool on either side of the fork.

Step 3: Using wool that is the same colour as the one you used in Step two, begin wrapping it around all four prongs of the fork. Remember to hold the 10cm long piece of wool in place with one hand and wrap with the other. Continue until you are halfway up the length of the prongs and the wool has become thicker. Wrapping 38–39 times should make a medium sized pom pom.

Step 4: Once you are done wrapping, detach the wool on the fork from the rest of the ball by cutting it.

Step 5: While holding down the loose thread you just cut, take the 10cm piece and wrap it around the wound wool and tie tightly once before making a second knot.

Step 6: Slide the knotted bundle of wool off the fork.

Step 7: Use scissors to snip the looped wool on both sides of the knot. They should fan out and begin looking like a pom pom. Trim off the longer pieces to have a neater, rounder, pom pom. This will be used for the bunny’s head.

Step 8: Repeat with grey wool to make a second pom pom for the body of the rabbit. Since the body should be bigger, wound the wool all the way up the length of the fork, approximately 50-60 times.

Step 9: If you would like your bunny to have a fluffy tail, repeat steps 1-7, but using less wool. Once it is time to trim, trim down the pieces of wool so that it is “tail-size” in proportion to the head and body of your bunny.

Final touches

Step 10: Using black cardboard, cut out bunny ears. Using the pink cardboard, cut out a slightly smaller ear-shape to be the inner part of the ear. Glue the pink pieces onto the black using the glue stick. Cut a small triangle out of the pink cardboard for the bunny’s nose.

Step 11: Dot some all purpose glue on either side of the bottom edge of the ears and glue onto the head of the bunny by positioning it among the pom pom pieces. Glue the pink nose onto the face of the bunny.

Step 12: Stick googly eyes onto pom pom head.

Step 13: Using the all purpose glue, stick the head of the bunny onto the body and the tail onto the opposite end of the body. Wait for glue to dry and voila! Your bunny is read for Easter!

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