The explanation could be as simple as the comfyness of our beds.

London - Do you sleep like a log? Or are you more of a yearner, a freefaller or a foetal?

The position you choose while sleeping reveals a startling amount about your personality, according to body language expert Robert Phipps.

Phipps has identified four positions and says the foetal – most favoured by worriers – is by far the most common. More than half of us (58 percent) adopt it and sleep with knees up and head down. The more we curl up, the more comfort we’re seeking, he says.

The second most common position is the log (28 percent).

A straight body, with arms and legs by the side, apparently indicates stubbornness and they can wake up stiffer than when they went to sleep, says Mr Phipps.

The 25 percent of us that are a yearner – arms stretched out in front – are either chasing a dream or being chased. Yearners are their own worst critics says Phipps, always expecting great results. They wake up eager to face the challenges of the day.

Freefallers – face down, arms outstretched – make up 17 percent and feel they have little control over their life. Physically this is the least comfortable position.

Phipps’s survey asked people to record their most common sleeping positions, with some naming more than one.

He said: “A good night’s sleep sets you up for the following day and our sleeping positions can determine how we feel when we wake.”

The foetal position: Indicates a tendency to worry but also a conscientious nature

The yearning position: Sleeping this way indicates chasing a dream – or being chased

The log position: Suggests being set in your ways – and the need to break out of rigid thinking

The freefalling position: Such sleepers may feel they are not in control of their life. - Daily Mail