Haroun Hansrot will show his From Boardroom to Ballroom programme at the POST/SAB Women’s Day Breakfast.
Designer Haroun Hansrot, who has a passion for fashion and an eye for intricate detail, will show his latest programme, From Boardroom to Ballroom, at the POST/SAB Women’s Day Breakfast on August 2 at the International Convention Centre, Durban.

Dominating the local and international scene for over a decade, Hansrot said he would be taking fashion to a different level.

He said the programme, which had been put together for the Women’s Day Breakfast, would assist women in the corporate industry to transform their look straight from the office to an event in a minute.

“I started this programme as a way to assist women who don’t necessarily have the time after a long working day to go home and get dressed up for a meeting and night out.

“For example, just say your boss tells you that you have to fly to Johannesburg for a business meeting followed by cocktails with clients. You cannot arrive at the airport with a huge suitcase and then find somewhere to get ready. So we have these little clever, yet still fashionable garments, that can turn your business suit pants into cocktail or evening attire.”

He continued: “All you will need is a little purse and the garment is rolled up inside. One of our creations is a beaded lace pants that can be attached to your formal pants and it becomes a lining to the fancy evening attire.

“We also have fancy scarves and shawls, among many other beautifully designed pieces, which will be showcased. We will be giving tutorials on how to use them.”

Hansrot said skincare and make-up were also major concerns for women and he had enlisted a therapist and make-up artist to provide tutorials.

“The skin is one of the most outstanding features of a woman and also their greatest concern. With issues such a pigmentation and scarring, I have enlisted a skin therapist and make-up artist, who will give the women some great skin tips and make-up tutorials in accordance with the programme.

“They will teach the women, for example, whilst sitting in their car or Uber, on how to apply their evening make-up without a fuss. How to hide flaws. Contour and all the tricks to look glamorous. It is going to be exciting and the women are in for a treat.”

Hansrot has also joined forces with Haute Events for a fashion show, curated by Eshaa Amiin and featuring 25 of India’s fashion designers, at The Square Boutique Hotel, uMhlanga, from Friday.

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