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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Fitness at home is the new normal

The new normal fitness at home. Picture: IANS

The new normal fitness at home. Picture: IANS

Published Apr 15, 2020


Couldn't achieve your fitness goals during the first few days of lockdown?

Celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala says: "It's not very difficult to get into a workout routine when you're at home all day. It just takes a little thought. One easy way is if you'll get up and walk for 5 mins every hour. That way you can get in about 50 -60 mins of walking in a day without having to do it all at once." 

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Master Trainer Shivoham also encourages everyone to stay committed to their fitness plans by asking them to "keep working out while at home and share daily workout routines which can be done using items lying around at home. Therefore, no excuses if you do not have the right gym equipment at home".

Namrata Purohit guides you how to workout without any equipment, you can even do so in the privacy of bedroom or drawing room.

MIND coach and Fitness influencer Vrinda Mehta shares tips on how one can boost the body's immunity through five essential daily pranayams. Keep our mind and body stress-free through traditional yoga poses.

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As our lives reboot to virtual worlds, we're going to be spending more time than usual in front of our screens, which likely entails slouching, followed by potential aches. This can take a great toll on the lower back, neck and even affect shoulder mobility.

To deal with the above situation, Reebok Master Trainer Vinata Shetty provides some tips on some micro-movements during one can do while sitting in-front of the laptop, at home.

A movement fix that will go a long way in restoring the mobility of the mid and upper back as well as restore the integrity of the spine is sitting with your elbows placed at the edge of your table and have your fingers touching or reaching for the back of your shoulders.

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Take a deep breath and inhale as you push your chest towards the floor.

Hold that position for about 20 seconds or so breathing normally as you hold it. Twist to the right side and hold that position as well for the same duration.

Repeat left side.

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Come to the center and straighten up. Push your chair back in a proceed back to work.

A couple of other micro-movements she recommends can be very effective while working are the following -

Stair sequence

Jump sequence

Bench press sequence

Squat while working


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