Alcohol-free House of BNG is on its way, but you’re going to have to wait

Hey bubbly fans - alcohol-free House of BNG is on the way. Picture: Supplied

Hey bubbly fans - alcohol-free House of BNG is on the way. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 7, 2020


I have a cabinet where I keep some alcohol beverages at the office. I get product drops almost every week - mostly wine, spirits and sometimes mixers. And since I don't imbibe, there's also a competition on who will get what.

Mostly, I keep the beverages, choose one of the team members to do a review, and then they get to keep the bottle (or two more).

Over the lockdown I have had people beg me for the key to my cabinet, forgetting that I haven't received anything since March 2020, thanks to the lockdown regulations that banned sales and domestic transportation of alcohol.

So when Bonang Matheba launched the House of BNG Prestige Reserve bubbly, I got more than 10 people calling me, asking me to reserve (no pun intended) the bottle for them and when I said I had not received a bottle for review purposes, their hearts were shattered.

It's been a rough few months for many of us. But it's been tougher on those who love their alcohol and haven't been able to buy their favourite tipple. We have written and given tips on the de-alcoholised beverages you should buy and even asked experts on how to pair alcohol-free beverages with your food.

So when I asked Bonang when we should expect the long-awaited alcohol-free House of BNG, she confirmed it would be ready for summer 2020.

"Summer 2020, so October 2020. The (alcohol-free) House of BNG will be coming. I am also launching something very exciting under the House of BNG," she said during am IG Live interview with IOL Lifestyle.

We have spoken about the need for the alcohol-free variant of the brand. Her fans have been asking for it since the brand was launched last year. And it also makes financial sense.

There's a huge market that's not being serviced- teetotallers, people who want to cut back on alcohol beverages and those who have totally cut out alcohol from their lives.

The sobriety movement is also gaining ground in South Africa, so much so that many brands have developed alcohol-free versions of their beverages. From beer and wine to gin and bubbly, more people are choosing to not have alcohol.

When Lautus launched their de-alcoholised wines in 2017, they mentioned that they developed the wine because they had noticed a need for these wines by many in society.

"As there is a trend towards a healthier lifestyle, I think more and more people will start looking at alternatives without alcohol. Being more conscious what you are actually taking into your body and being. It has all the beautiful flavours of wine, looks like it and has a good mouth feel.

“The one thing missing is alcohol and its burning sensation. Alcohol generally also makes a wine more volatile," said creator and owner of Lautus wines, Reg Holder of their Savvy White.

The brand has since launched a bubbly brand, which has been popular during the lockdown, with many people choosing to drink it as a replacement for their favourite champagne brand.

So, fans of House of BNG, you are going to have to wait until October before you taste the alcohol-free version of the popular brand.

Until then, here are some options:

Robertson Winery Dry Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White

Delightfully dry with a vivacious sparkle, gorgeous notes of pear and mandarin come to the fore accompanied by hints of orange blossom and honeysuckle. Refreshing and charmingly drinkable, serve well-chilled to keep the bubbles and flavours at their peak. Available nationally and retail between R50 and R55 per bottle.

Lautus De-Alcoholised Sparkling

The Lautus Sparkling showcases pure aromas of white peach, citrus blossom and fresh apple. It is produced in a brut (dry) style and the added sparkle delivers fine lively bubbles that contributes to an elegant finish. This sparkling addition to the Lautus premium selection encapsulate the wonder, significance and creative power of sparkling wine low in alcoholic volume.

Van Loveren Papillon Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White

This is a delightful sparkling white with festive flavours of sun-kissed grapes. It’s fruity, sweet, and made from red Muscadel fruit. It is ideal as an aperitif and also good with dessert and fruit. Papillon is available countrywide at prices ranging between R44.99 and R49.99.

Woolworths Brut Muscat

Woolworths Brut Muscat is made of elegant off dry grape flavours laced with a fine mousse (bubble). They have selected local Muscat grapes early in the season to ensure lower sugar levels and a balanced sparkling juice. That said, you can make every celebration special and indulgent without the side effects of alcohol. Retails price: R52

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