LOOK: Behold, the grilled cheese sandwich that went to private school. Did we mention it costs R4K?

Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Picture: Serendipity 3/Instagram

Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Picture: Serendipity 3/Instagram

Published Apr 13, 2023


Who doesn’t like a good sandwich?

Be it breakfast, mid-day snacks, evening munchies, or even dinner, sandwiches can never disappoint you in any way. Filled with healthy veggies and finger-licking sauces, there are many sandwich variants all around the world.

You can also easily customise this snack by experimenting with different ingredients and dressings. But today we would like to talk about the humble grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese is elemental.

All you need is the right cheese, the right bread, a little butter, and a pan, and you are on the way to a quick, simple, satisfying meal.

While on the grilled cheese sandwich topic, did you know that the ‘Quintessential Grilled Cheese Sandwich’ is the longest record holder for being the most expensive sandwich in the world?

In honour of National Grilled Cheese Day, which is observed on April 12 each year, Serendipity 3, a New York City restaurant, is offering a limited edition grilled cheese sandwich. Wondering what's so special about it?

The sandwich continues its streak of seven long years for being the most expensive sandwich and got itself inducted into the Guinness World Records. It is contoured with gold layers on its edges to make it presentable.

This particular sandwich has to be ordered at least forty-eight hours in advance, as it is a little difficult to collect all the items that go into the making of it.

The sandwich is made with two pieces of French Pullman champagne bread, which is prepared with Dom Perignon champagne and edible gold flakes, with white truffle butter. Trail butter is also used to make it crisp on the outside and buttery from within.

The sandwich is currently priced at $214 (R3 900) and is served with a cup of decadent ‘South African lobster tomato bisque dipping sauce’, on a baccarat crystal plate.