Not just Chocolate Log - more Nestle sweet treats to be discontinued this year

Not just Chocolate Log - more Nestle sweet treats to be discontinued this year. Picture: Supplied

Not just Chocolate Log - more Nestle sweet treats to be discontinued this year. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 17, 2020


This week, social media was in a frenzy as Nestle announced that it will be discontinuing the production of their Chocolate Log product in South Africa from August. 

Aubergine Speciality Foods, the South African supplier who broke the news on Facebook said, "It’s a tragic day, Nestle chocolate logs will cease production in South Africa! Such an iconic item. Production will be stopped in August of this year."

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Head of public relations, media engagement, and content digital - Nestle East and Southern Africa Region, Zweli Mnisi said as Nestle, their purpose is to delight their consumers through tastier and healthier products. “We know that one of the main drivers of the chocolate category is innovation and that consumers love new products. Taking this into consideration, we do discontinue certain products and introduce new ones to the market," said Mnisi. 

Bringing more sad news to fellow South Africans is that more Nestle sweet treats will be discontinued this year. 

Consumer Communication and Marketing Excellence Director, Nestlé East, and Southern Africa, Zumi Njongwe said that they are excited about the new product to be hitting the shelves very soon. 

Njongwe said while it is true that Nestle Chocolate Log, Nestle Bar One peanut, Nestle Milkybar Peanut, and Milky Bar Double will not be returning to shelves from August 2020, they are making way for new, tastier and exciting products for us to enjoy and fall in love with – "because we deserve it". 

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The discontinued products include: 

Nestle Milky Bar Peanut 10x80g; 24x80g

Nestle Bar One Peanut 40x50g and Mini Bag 32x210g

Nestle Milo 8 10x80g 

Nestle Milky Bar 8 10x80g

Nestle Milky Bar Double 24x80g

Nestle Milo 24x80g

Nestle Chocolate Log 40x46g

The discontinued sizes-only include: 

Nestle Crisp Peppermint 24x150g

Kit Kat 2F White 36x20g 

Nestle Kit Kat Mini Bag White 32x200g

Nestle Crunch Milk 24x80g

Nestle Milky Bar Smarties 8 10x80g

Nestle Milky Bar Krackle 8 10x80g

Nestle Quality Street Gift Box 12x200g and bag 8x500g

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Earlier this year, Lay's South Africa also announced that it had discontinued its Salt & Vinegar flavour crisps. The company said that it had discontinued the flavour and would no longer be available in the market, and suggested people try their new Lay’s Sweet and Smoky American BBQ Flavour. 

We are still mourning the Simba discontinuing their deliciously thick O'Grady's chips.

In 2017, Cadbury’s Tempo Bar was replaced with its less-favourable cousin Cadbury 5 Star. At the launch of Cadbury's 5 Star bar, a spokesperson for Mondelez said that the new bar was designed and launched "while keeping in mind the ever-changing consumer palate". Still, it wasn't a worthy replacement and many are still calling for Mondelez to bring back the chocolate.

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