The Kiffness receives backlash after defending Cape Town Hank’s Olde Irish Pub amid race storm

The Kiffness. Picture: Supplied

The Kiffness. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 13, 2022


Local music sensation David Scott, also known as The Kiffness, has received backlash on Twitter after defending Cape Town Hank’s Olde Irish Pub amid a race storm.

Earlier this month, the pub was called out following an alleged racial profiling incident where a black man, Thabiso Danca, was apparently refused entry.

Danca was allegedly told by one of Hank’s Olde Irish Pub co-owners he was not allowed to enter the establishment because he was not accompanied “by a white person” to enter the pub.

A video of the incident went viral after the pub’s owner was confronted by Christopher Logan, the friend of the victim. In a cell phone video footage, Logan is seen confronting the owner. The man claimed there had never been a racism incident at the establishment.

He also said they do not instruct staff to discriminate on any basis whatsoever, whether that be gender, sexual orientation, or race.

“We want to place on record that we are extremely concerned for the well-being and safety of the staff involved. Therefore, we will not be commenting any further while we conduct an internal disciplinary process about these allegations and the police conduct their criminal investigation into the case of assault opened against the individuals making accusations in the video,” the owners said.

While most of Mzansi was disgusted about the incident, a few others stood up for Hank’s Olde Irish Pub.

One Twitter user @meganshead even went as far as asking why would anyone want to stand up for the pub.

“Seriously. Why would anyone want to stand up for Hank's Old Irish? What could possibly motivate you to take the side of racists and try so desperately to prove they aren’t? Why not believe, with evidence, that they are?” he wrote.

And that is when The Kiffness received backlash when he responded to the tweet saying Logan had a hidden agenda. And that he is an aspiring politician trying to get into the EFF.

“The owner of Hanks is a pastor who feeds over 400 homeless people, helps them get IDs & supports many musicians of colour. Christopher Logan is an aspiring politician trying to get in the EFF. These are important details when reporting the story. The media left those out.”

“Parts were edited out. We need to see the full video & consider all the evidence before judgement is passed. I think there is way more to this story than meets the eye. Let's all hope the truth comes out & justice prevails,” he said.

Tweeps quickly attacked him.

‘One user wrote: “Being a pastor, feeding over 400+ people makes it right for you to be a racist?”

A second user wrote: “Oh! So just because one has a few charitable causes going then it means they can be openly racist and apply segregationist customer policies in their business? The assumption that Chris Logan is an aspiring "EFF" politician is also prejudicial.” While a third asked: “Are you sure he is an aspiring politician for the EFF? Just last year he was not happy about the DA going into a coalition with the EFF. Could be though. Can we assume you have confirmed with the @EFFSouthAfrica or spoken to Logan?”