Pancakes are a great base for many different fillings
Pancakes are a great base for many different fillings, but sometimes it can be really hard to decide what to put in those yummy pancakes and sometimes it’s just the simple things that give the most pleasure. 

We asked owner of Blue Strawberry Caterers, Jenni Jackson to share with us some of the perfect pancake fillings. 
Dosas, a savoury pancake-like flatbread from India that is made from fermented batter and served with various fillings, like this classic potato-stuffed masala dosa PICTURE: Karsten Moran/The New York Times
  • Savoury mince- fill with leftover mince curry, rolled up and top with grated cheese and grill
  • Creamed spinach and feta cheese. 
  • Vegetable curry- fill with vegetable curry roll up and serve with a dollop of thick, double cream yoghurt. 
  • Creamed mushroom- gently sauté mushrooms in butter, fold into a béchamel sauce, fill the pancake and roll up, then sprinkle with cheese and grill. 
  • Tuna wrap- mix tuna with mayo, onion, apple and a squeeze of lemon, spread on pancake top with shredded lettuce roll up and serve. 

  • Baklava- fill with a good drizzle of honey crushed pistachios and cinnamon. 
  • Chocolate- spread with chocolate spread, top with fresh sliced bananas and crushed nuts roll and serve. 
  • Caramelised banana- caramelise banana’s in sugar and butter until golden. 
  • Apple nut- chop and stew apples with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, add toasted chopped nuts, dust with icing sugar. 
  • Fresh fruit- top with berries and fruit and drizzle with maple syrup serve with Greek yoghurt.