You might crack open a cold one while you are grilling but you can start cooking with beer, too! Pexels

Just like wine, beer can add a whole new dimension of flavour to a recipe. 

We took to Instagram to find recipes you can try in the comfort of your home that has beer as an ingredient.

Be it dinner, lunch, or even breakfast, these recipes prove once and for all there's never a bad time to enjoy a beer.

Mini Chorizo Stout Breakfast Tarts recipe.  

This breakfast is perfect for any day and you can make the puff pastry in ten minutes (or, buy it from the store and keep it in your freezer for just such an occasion).

One Bowl Chocolate Chip Beer and Peanut Butter Bread recipe

This recipe is full of protein because of the peanut butter. It’s also perfect for an afternoon snack with a beer.

Baked Asian Beer Barbecue Chicken Thighs recipe

This meal takes less than 30-minutes to make. In just a few simple steps you can have a delicious dinner ready to eat.

Recipes by Jackie Dodd-Mallory aka The Beeroness