Pomegranate. Picture: Pexels
Pomegranate. Picture: Pexels

3 Foods to eat after sex

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Sep 10, 2018

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Have you always wondered what you should be eating after doing the wild thing? 

I mean the best bite after a bang, just so you can make up for all those calories you just burned off?

We have asked the owner of Bella Rouge, Jennie Holdsworth about the best foods to eat after a hot and sweaty session




It has all the exotic nutrients essential for sperm production. It helps regain strength and stamina that may have been lost with the release of sperm. It is also known to improve penile health by maintaining a good and healthy flow of blood to it. This also helps in post-orgasmic recovery

Greek Yoghurt 

Packing in twice as much protein as regular yoghurt, Greek Yoghurt is a nutritional wonder that's full of protein, zinc, potassium vitamin B12 (good for the nerves and blood cells) and vitamin B6 (good for your brain and moods). Oh, and it's also lower in lactose than regular dairy and comes with natural bacteria that sorts out your immune system. Chuck some blueberries on top for an added energy boost.

Chicken Breast 

Chicken really is the best in terms of lean protein, vitamins and none of that pesky mercury that comes with fish. Also, try and eat your main source of protein within 45 minutes of finishing your “workout”.

Visit Jenni's website for more info: www.bellarouge.co.za


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