Spinach. Picture: Supplied
Spinach. Picture: Supplied

3 foods to eat when dealing with a headache

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published May 23, 2020

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There are many different types of headaches, from hormonal, tension to sinus-related. But they all share one thing in common, they are annoying. 

Health experts reveal that fasting, dehydration, or skipping meals can trigger headaches. That paying attention to your diet is one of the best possible defenses against headaches and that you should work to incorporate preventive foods into your diet and limit foods that trigger headaches. 

So, instead of heading straight to the medicine cabinet, you may want to check out the kitchen first.  

Dietitian, Keri Glassman suggests these foods are loaded with headache fighting power. 

Ginger: Picture: Supplied


This spicy root may have the ability to block prostaglandins (neurotransmitters that play a role in inflammation), which causes a slight swelling of your brain that may be the source of your discomfort. Grate it fresh into dishes like sauteed mushrooms and watercress, or make a carrot ginger soup to up the comfort.

Spinach. Picture: Supplied


Leafy greens are high in magnesium, a nutrient that has been found to have powerful headache-relieving properties.

Watermelon. Picture: Supplied


Not being properly hydrated can be a huge factor when it comes to headache discomfort. Dehydration causes a drop in your blood volume, reducing the amount of oxygen available to your brain, and causing your pain receptors to be affected. 

It’s always important to drink water, but eating fruits and veggies like watermelon, cucumber, celery, and carrots, which have a high water content, can help contribute to your staying hydrated all day.

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