My Kitchen Rules judges David Higgs and J 'Something - pic Tracey Adams
My Kitchen Rules SA (#MKRSA) is back and hopefully it will be a supersized version of season one.

Judges David Higgs and J’Something, real name Joao Da Fonseca, have also returned to the show to make sure that the ten teams serve only the best menus.

Jamandi and Machiel from Bloemfontein walked off with the R1 million prize money last year and hopefully this year there will be stiffer competition for top honours.

No doubt #MKRSA fans will want to see more food and more drama in season 2. Here’s what we’d like to see:

More flavour

Season one set the scene for the local version of the show and also for the South African flavours that contestants would serve. The koeksisters in the finale are a testament to the local flavours throughout the season, but hopefully season two will krank it up. There are so many dishes across the cultural spectrum that deserves to be showcased and #MKRSA is the perfect platform. 

Hopefully season two will also inspire us to get into the kitchen and replicate the contestants dishes, some season one dishes didn’t always make you want to jump up and get into the kitchen to recreate the meals

More drama

The contestants in season one all appeared to get along very well. Even the few times there was disagreements, it didn’t last long and escalate into screaming matches or serious fights. 

Hopefully there will be more passionate disagreements and a greater competitive edge with the pairs in season 2. David Higgs and J’Something also agreed on almost every dish and every meal in season one, it would be great if both of them broke out of their shell in season two and became more vocal about what they like and don’t like.

Exciting challenges

The season one challenges after the home restaurants wasn’t all that memorable, from the Johannesburg Zoo cook-offs to the international food fair. Season 2 will hopefully serve up great cook-off challenges where the pairs not only race against the clock but also work super hard to outdo each other.

My Kitchen Rules season 2 starts on Sunday, 3 June at 6pm on MNet (DSTV Channel 101)