Avocados are officially a food staple. Picture: Pexels
Avocados are officially a food staple. Picture: Pexels

4 superfood alternatives to avocado

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Aug 27, 2019

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Avocados are officially a food staple.

They have earned their reputation for being one of the best healthy foods when it comes to fat. Unfortunately, not everyone is into the green fruit as they cannot stand its taste. 

If you are one of those people and want to know what you can substitute avocado with, below are some of the superfoods you can have selected by dietitian, Nhluvuko Ngobeni. 

Nut butter. Supplied

Nut butter 

A tasty natural nut butter like peanut butter or almond butter is a great swap for avocado. Nuts contain fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Nut butter provides your body with a little healthy fat and one can easily add it to toast or spread a little on slices for a quick snack. 

Broccoli. Supplied


Broccoli is rich in magnesium, vitamin C and antioxidants, broccoli is the perfect immunity booster for the colder months. The good part about broccoli is that it’s also versatile and makes a great addition to stir fries, pastas, pies and roasts.

Eggs. Pexels


Some people may worry about whether or not they will give one high cholesterol, the current consensus is that eating eggs in moderation will not cause issues. Eggs are packed full of proteins, essential minerals and vitamins, and as a result an egg is a great balance to many meals.

Spinach. Supplied


Spinach is high in iron, antioxidants, vitamin C, K and E making it an ideal green to incorporate into meals.

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