Ways to avoid overindulging this festive season. Picture: Pexels/Jess Bailey Designs
Ways to avoid overindulging this festive season. Picture: Pexels/Jess Bailey Designs

4 ways to avoid overindulging this festive season

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Dec 30, 2021

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You have worked so hard this year to reduce or maintain your weight, and now it is a festive time. What do you do?

Just forget about healthy eating and indulge in everything that’s on offer? Or deny yourself any treats? What if there’s another way?

A way that you can join in on the festive celebrations but not ruin all the good work you have done this year.

Here are tips to help you avoid overindulging.

Have a small meal before going out

Arriving at a party on an empty stomach can be a big no-no.

When you arrive at a party hungry, you fill up the plate needlessly rather than consume it in one sitting.

You can definitely avoid the festive overindulgence by having a healthy small meal like a sandwich, soup, or some fruit. That way you will be more inclined to eat less at the party.

Stand away from the buffet table

With a drink in hand and conversation flowing, reaching for the crisp bowl can become as subconscious as breathing.

At parties, position yourself at least an arm's length from bowls of food to avoid mindless eating.

Drink water

Continuous intake of water can help you refrain from binge eating sweets, junk foods, and savouries during festivities.

Not only will it help relieve dehydration, but drinking water will also refrain you from over-indulgence during dinners and parties.

So no Sodas or Colas as the fizzy drinks contain almost ten tablespoons of sugar, just plain water to go with everything.

Feast on lots of summer produce

Be sure to include lots of summer produce in your festive spreads, and you will have no issue maintaining your recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake – or even exceeding it.

Think bowls of fresh cherries, juicy mango, grapes, melon slices, pineapple.

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