The beauty of food is no longer just in the eating, but also in the photography. Picture from Instagram (Steve Hansen)

It is true when they say “food is art” because these days food is not just about chefs and restaurants but rather about bloggers, stylists, and photographers. It is now a much bigger industry of people who are making and sharing wonderful creations of food through pictures on a daily basis. 

Sam Wilkinson, a food photographer, says food photography is one of the most challenging types of photography. 

Wilkinson said what she had learned was that it was more than just snapping what was on her plate, but rather certain rules you needed to follow, which made it difficult. 

We took to Instagram to find drool-worthy, and mouth-watering food pictures we like. While it would be impossible to feature all, here are five images we believe is beautiful content. 

Fruit Ice Collision Outtake

Easy Chocolate Bark

Ravioli Parcels filled with braised lamb in wine and tomatoes that are tossed in brown butter and topped with crispy rosemary bread crumbs. 

La Smoke Rosa with gave, beeswax, fino sherry, hibiscus, chilli, citrus and bee pollen, hollowed ice and edible violet. 

Raw Brownies topped with the creamiest avocado chocolate spread and the sweetest figs.